If you have a need for a type of packaging that you don’t see on the market today, then you can turn to our Sambrailo Resource Management team to create your vision. With our experience, we have the ability to develop custom integrated packaging solutions that will fit into your unique supply chain and help you address key challenges that you constantly strive to improve upon, such as:

  • product quality and freshness
  • minimal product defects and higher yields
  • longer storage and shelf life
  • product availability and consistency
  • greater pallet and truck cube efficiencies

A completely integrated packaging solution is a critical component of a highly complicated supply chain. In order to achieve complete integration, we begin with a thorough audit of your product handling from the field to the retail floor. We gain a full understanding of the life of your product and its packaging needs throughout your supply chain. By doing this, we can then design and engineer a unified packaging solution that will help you capitalize on brand differentiation, product marketability, ease of use, improved handling efficiencies, greater food safety and longer shelf life.

Historically there has been a myopic approach to new product development, either by thermoformers for plastic packaging or corrugators for trays and boxes. At Sambrailo Resource Management we have the unique blend of expertise and competencies in-house to ensure that all new integrated solutions work optimally with both modalities in mind. From an initial concept, our team can develop a prototype that takes into consideration all of your packaging needs. Upon prototype approval, we move into the pre-production approval process, and then into our product qualification phase, which includes first article approval prior to full production. Every step ensures that the new integrated packaging solution meets all of your packaging and supply chain criteria and upholds our design standards and expectations for production quality.

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