(Pictured top: The Sambrailo Packaging team of 1980 in front of our first crate shed on Walker Street)

(Pictured bottom: 3rd and 4th generation Sambrailo’s, Erik Sambrailo, Mark Sambrailo, and Kiersten Sambrailo Clontz)

Our Legacy in Packaging

Charles Sambrailo began servicing apple growers in the Pajaro Valley in 1923 out of our first crate shed on Walker Street in Watsonville, California.  As the produce industry evolved as did our products, services, and generations of Sambrailo’s.  From nailing together wood apple crates, to bringing in row crop boxes, floral boxes, berry baskets, trays, introducing the first strawberry clamshell in 1987, to pioneering the leading solution for sustainable produce packaging – ReadyCycle®, our team has built a packaging legacy in the produce industry we are so proud of.

Throughout our centennial existence we have become our customers trusted advisors on packaging operations.  Handling everything from product development, marketing and design, inventory management, forecasting, quality assurance, traceability, and reporting.  We partner with our clients to deliver a custom suite of packaging resource management services fully customized for their team and operation.

Mark Sambrailo took over the helm of Sambrailo Packaging in 1996. Just as his father (Bill Sambrailo 2nd Generation, and grandfather, Charles Sambrailo 1st generation) did before him, he continues to build the business through the creation of new products and services that help customers improve their packaging methods and operations. Under his guidance and our dedicated team members, which include two of his children, Kiersten and Erik, Sambrailo Packaging continues to be a leader in innovative packaging and resource management solutions for the agriculture industry. With a genuine care and concern for his employees, his community, and his customers, Mark has maintained the company’s integrity, which was at the foundation of what Charles Sambrailo started in 1923.