At Sambrailo Packaging we have established quality protocols and training plans for each of our receiving locations and make-up warehouses. Through our Inbound Inspection program, we visually inspect and acquire data from a sampling of all products received. Our ability to use this data, to identify issues before product gets sent to the field, and to provide feedback to our suppliers in real-time separates us from our competition.

Inbound Inspection trays webWe also partner with our customers to create customized quality control programs that are based on each individual company’s operational requirements. We can send in our own team or train your employees to conduct inspections of your incoming material and inventory. Our inspectors evaluate numerous quality control points related to key packaging attributes and conduct quantitative analyses to evaluate supplier performance. Data is collected electronically, uploaded to the Cloud, and then provided to you within easy-to-analyze product quality performance reports. You can be assured that the packaging you bring out to the field will perform to your specifications and expectations.

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