Clamshell Test in Lab webAt Sambrailo Packaging we proactively and strategically qualify all of the packaging products that we supply. We test their form, fit and function to ensure that they are going to perform to our required specifications. We won’t deliver a product to you unless we know that it will exceed your expectations.

Since we provide integrated packaging solutions, including both corrugate and plastic packaging options, no one vendor can manufacture all of the supplies that our customers need. Over time, we have strategically selected the highest-quality manufacturing partners and built a reliable vendor pool based on their abilities to meet our production guidelines. We capitalize on each supplier’s core competencies and expertise to develop the greatest value propositions for our customers. We continually qualify, audit, and monitor our vendors to ensure that their outputs are consistent regionally and seasonally. It is our goal to ensure that the capabilities of your combined resources offer the most productive and cost-effective solution for you.