March 11, 2021

Sambrailo Resource Management, a true grower partnership

March 11, 2021 (Watsonville, CA) – The team at Sambrailo refers to their customer relationships as true partnerships.  Sambrailo delivers the entire experience, where service meets client needs in all aspects of packaging management, from design, marketing, purchasing, operations, and inventory.  Each department hones in on a specific area of expertise and products.  They work dynamically to deliver custom packaging solutions to customers that range from small family farms, to large grower/shippers.

“Understanding each customer’s unique growing operations, historical usage, and goals for their packaging is crucial to how we build relationships,” says Strategic Account Executive, Kiersten Sambrailo Clontz.  “Most of our customers have multiple packaging SKU’s, custom labels, and different distribution locations which we manage directly with them.  We are that packaging lifeline for all the small and big details from pricing, procurement, production, to which ranch is picking up which items. We track each grower’s usage and support them in future seasons forecasting.”

Clontz is a part of Sambrailo’s Sales and Marketing team and joined the family-owned business four years ago. She helps fortify Sambrailo’s position as a specialist in managing diverse inventories made up of multiple materials such as cardboard shipping trays, 100% post-consumer recycled PET clamshells, their own sustainable packaging, ReadyCycle®, labels, and more.

With a centennial anniversary in the agricultural industry coming up, Sambrailo and its team reflects on how they have transformed their business approach throughout the years beyond service and product.

“Our team at Sambrailo does an amazing job at being our customers’ advocate and constant  in the packaging space,” says VP of Operations Kevin Healy.  “Being our customers packaging resource manager relieves a lot of stress and headache from them. We are their extra eyes and hands that create their custom packaging services with years of experience from logistics to product development.”

Over the years, as packaging trends and consumer needs have changed, some things have not. One example is that Sambrailo continues to be a true comfort to clients. For example, growers come to locations once, twice, or even more times a day to pick up packaging, and all they have to do is pull up to the customer service team and everything is ready for them. They visit with our customer service team, share about their day, their families, and our team creates relationships lasting for many seasons and years.

Healy comments, “this is probably one of my most favorite things to witness daily: growers come, see the faces of our team, and know that their packaging is staged, ready, and will be loaded up in minutes.  Our customer service team gets to know growers on a personal level and sees them daily throughout the season.  Those relationships are ones we really treasure and are honored to have.”

With all the hurdles the produce industry and Mother Nature throws our way, Sambrailo has adapted services and processes that cater to the ever-changing produce industry. Mike Keegan, Director of Business Development, Sales, and Marketing shares that “Our Resource Management is directly responsible for transforming those typical transactional customer-supplier relationships into long-term trusted and transparent partnerships.  And by incorporating accurate, consistent and dependable communication, we have gained a level of trust with our industry partners.”

Being a resource manager in the ag space is no easy feat considering the amount of detail that goes into creating a single package before it gets into the hands of consumers.  Yet through Sambrailo’s strategy of leveraging their team’s experience and delivering customized solutions to their clients on services and products, their packaging experience is second to none.