At Sambrailo Packaging we set ourselves apart from the competition by providing the produce industry with a unique product mix and service model.
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Fruit Packaging for a Diverse Product Offering

Fruit Packaging

Sambrailo Packaging manufactures a wide range of fruit packaging products. We offer a full line of fruit packaging that includes everything from custom printed corrugated boxes to our patented MIXIM clamshell for grapes and other commodities.

Originally designed for berry packaging, the fruit packaging products in our MIXIM packaging line are versatile enough for fruits of all kinds. Each clamshell features smooth, rib-less walls that minimize mechanical damage and result in better arrivals. The unique, patented venting system in our fruit packaging creates faster, more efficient cooling and better airflow during transportation to help prolong commodity shelf life.

MIXIM fruit packaging is used for everything from figs to grapes to tomatoes, as well as a myriad other products. The smooth walls allow the fruit to visually stand out, and deliver a great look at retail. Friction lock closures make for easy field packing, and convenience to the consumers. MIXIM clamshells and trays are designed for efficient use of shipping space, allowing for more product per pallet.

Sambrailo Packaging also has a variety of produce packing accessories available to cover all your fruit packaging needs. We offer pads for clamshells, spring cushion trays for apples, cardboard bins for melons, mesh baskets and an array of other top quality products.

Contact Sambrailo to place your order, or request more information on any of our fruit packaging products.

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