Local, regional, and global agriculture production and supply chain systems are becoming more integrated and interdependent each day. Food safety standards are becoming increasingly strict, particularly related to traceability and compliance requirements. It is important to stay up-to-date given the role that traceability plays in protecting consumers, ensuring food safety, and managing reputational risks and liability.

At Sambrailo Resource Management we have experience with multiple traceability programs and we are constantly working on new ways to improve the traceability of each individual package back to its source. We can assess where there may be gaps in your current traceability program, and we can provide you with the resources you need to update your systems and bring your compliance up-to-date. With enhanced field data collection tools and ongoing supplier compliance audits, we can provide you with solutions to improve your ability to trace your packaging and produce back to the field where it was packed and the date of its origin.

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