Product Development
Sambrailo Packaging was built on the idea that we could provide packaging innovations to our customers that would improve the handling of their produce, ultimately improving the quality of product that they could bring to market. We continue to strive to develop new packaging concepts that not only achieve this ideal, but ones that also lessen the impact of packaging on the environment.

With sustainability top of mind, we use 100% post-consumer recycled PET in all of our plastic packaging. The recycled plastic flake is processed through a decontamination system that results in packaging that meets international regulations for food-grade materials. In addition, we are continuously looking at more sustainable packaging options.

Technological Innovations
We currently have a number of technological innovations in the pipeline that will improve the efficiency of agricultural processes related to the Produce Trace Initiative (PTI). Case-level electronic traceability is a key initiative for the produce industry as a whole, and we are doing our part to advance this initiative by teaming up with high-tech companies to think outside of the box and bring new innovations to the produce industry.


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