Packaging Development
The ag industry is constantly evolving, and while it has, so has Sambrailo Packaging. Over the years, we’ve developed everything from the first paper liners for wooden apple boxes to the first plastic clamshells for fresh fruit. Today, we have a strong Quality and Innovations team that is constantly developing new ideas for packaging and new technologies to help our customers improve their pack out and operating efficiencies. Always mindful of our founder’s philosophy, we continue to bring innovations to the industry that help growers and shippers “do whatever is best for the produce.”


Packaging Assembly & Operations Management
With in-house packaging assembly, padding, and labeling lines, we can customize packaging and labeling solutions to meet your needs and the demands of your packaging operations. We can handle all of your packaging assembly for you, or our operations team is available to evaluate your current staffing and equipment and make recommendations for improved efficiencies and throughput.




Inventory Management
We manage everything from packaging prebuilds for our customers to JIT deliveries. Our procurement team has the experience necessary to make sure that you have enough packaging on hand for the season, to fulfill replenishments quickly when needed for spikes in production, and to coordinate the movement of inventory as production moves from one growing region to another.




Grower Issuance
With locations throughout North America, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we can manage your packaging inventory and make deliveries directly to your packing facility or your fields whenever you need it. We understand the needs of growers, large and small, and we will work with you to ensure that you have the right product in the right place at the right time.




Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Our Quality and Innovations team works strategically with our manufacturing partners in advance of production to ensure that quality protocols are followed and that the highest quality standards are consistently maintained. We also partner with our customers to evaluate the quality of their current packaging. We have developed a number of inspection protocols to monitor and pinpoint where packaging and operational improvements can be made. Using real-time information, we can provide you with statistically supported recommendations to improve your packaging quality and operational efficiencies.





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